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EPIVOT Project

EPIVOT Project

ePIVOT is an acronym that stands for: Enhancing Partnerships for Industry-led Vocational Training and education (ePIVOT) in the horticulture value chains of Kenya. This is a project that started in August of 2019 and will end in December of 2021. The project is funded by Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation (NUFFIC) to the tune of €748,115. WRA is partnering with Key Partners in the Project for capacity development of WRUAs. Key project partners comprise Consortium North: Wageningen University and Research, AERES University of Applied Sciences, HAS University of Applied Sciences, and Van Hall Lareistein, and the Consortium South: Meru University, Tradecare Kenya, Horticulture Crops Directorate, and Fresh Produce Exporters Kenya. The TVET institutions in the project include: Tharaka Vocational and Technical Institute, Meru National Polytechnic, Marimba Campus of Meru University, Siala technical institute and Ahero Vocational Training Centre. The long-term impact of the project is to contribute to End hunger (SDG 2) and sustainable management of water for all (SDG 6) through the strengthening of capacity, knowledge and quality of individuals as well as key organisations in the sector and organisations in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education (TVET/HE) in OKP partner countries.

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