WRA Telemetry Data

WRA CEO Mr. Mohamed Moulid Shurie presenting the real-time Telemetry data to President Uhuru Kenyatta, during one of the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) events.

Real-Time Telemetry

WRA real-time Telemetry water level sensor installed along one of the water resources.

Surface Water Level

WRA has installed hundreds of water level gauge plates along rivers across the country.

Catchment Conservation

WRA CEO Mr. Mohamed Shurie leads the Authority’s staff in a tree planting exercise along the Ondiri Swamp in Kiambu County.

Spring Protection

Citizens enjoying fresh spring water from a protected spring sponsored by WRA. hundreds of springs have been protected across the country through Water Resources Users Associations (WRUAs).

What We Do


Water Resources Authority (WRA) sustainably and equitably allocates water resources among the various competing needs. WRA also requires that stakeholders are involved in the process. The “Water Use Permit” is used to carry out this function.



Water Resources Authority also controls pollution and improves water quality in the country’s water bodies. This involves integrating land use activities into WRA Water Quality Control programs.



WRA collects all information on water resources, analyses, stores and disseminates it. This information is critical for water allocation, water resources investment decision making and modeling, to enact scenarios to better understand the impact of climate change in future.



The Authority undertakes climate actions in terms of mitigation and adaptation to minimizing the effects of global warming and climate change.

WRA News


Water Resources Authority (WRA) invites creative Kenyan graphic designers to design a new logo for the Authority. This exercise will be conducted as an open competition to all Kenyans. The need for a new logo arises as WRA transitions from Water Resources Management...

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Public Notice June 2019

This is a public Notice Advert Published on The Standard Newspaper of Thursday 20th June 2019. This is to notify the public that WRA has received applications for Water Permits of Class C & D in accordance to the Water Act 2016. The public is therefore invited to...

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WRA Defines the Riparian

In August 2018 WRA was featured in the Chamwada Report to define the Riparian. The interview featured the Nairobi Sub-region Assistant Technical Coordination Manager (ATCM) Mr. John Munyau. Follow this link to watch the documentary courtesy of Chams Media and KTN News.

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Statement by the Cabinet Secretary

WRA NEWSStatement by the Cabinet Secretary First and foremost, I wish to take this opportunity to pass my sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and property in this disaster. As a Ministry, we are deeply disturbed by this disaster and have...

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