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Projects and Partnerships

Blue Deal Programme

The Royal Kingdom of Netherlands (RKN) through its Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water has an ongoing initiative that aims at supporting countries and enable 20 million people in 40 catchment areas around the world to gain access to clean, sufficient and safe water under a project dubbed the “Blue Deal.” The programme is expected to create opportunities to attract businesses and institutions to fund identified investment needs in water resources management. In Kenya the Blue Deal programme sets out to strengthen the three crucial elements of good water management: sufficient knowledge and expertise, a well-functioning organization and cooperation with key stakeholders. 50 per cent of the programme is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water. The other 50 per cent is to be covered by the Dutch Water Authorities (about 40%) and the local partner 10%. The Blue Deal programme is implementing the Upper Tana project in with WRA as the local partner. WRA is working with DWA to develop Water Allocation plans for Upper Thika and Middle Thika sub catchments, review Abstraction and Pollution Surveys, develop compliance and enforcement plans as well as have one showcase project (Common Intake) at a location within the project area. Various grassroots stakeholders will also be involved in the implementation of the project.

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