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Mandera County Stakeholders Workshop (Horn of Africa Groundwater for Resilience Programme)

The occasion kicked off with a courtesy call to Mandera County Governor H.E. Mohamed Adan Khalif and Mandera County Commissioner Mr. Amos Mariba.

Both officials voiced enthusiasm for the project, stating that it will go a long way toward reducing the region’s chronic water shortages and, as a result, improving the county’s development ambitions.

Mr. Mariba noted that the county’s lack of water had been a continual source of tension among community members, an issue he believed would soon be resolved with the successful completion of the project.

He made reference to his own household situation, stating that, while he has not kept track of how much he spends on water, it is a significant amount because he must purchase both cooking and drinking water.

He emphasized his willingness to assist the Authority in whatever way is necessary to ensure the project’s successful completion.

The Governor remarked that he was looking forward to obtaining the hydro-geological findings once they were completed, as they would assist county planning for water provision.

He was particularly curious about the project’s deadlines since the county was eager for it to begin.

The delegation’s leader, Mr John Munyao, informed him that the end of the stakeholder’s consultation forum will inform the start of work since, following successful site identification, consultants will arrive on the field to complete the essential investigations.

The governor informed the team that the county had issued a stop-work order on borehole drilling inside the county after discovering that numerous boreholes were being drilled with no understanding or information about their feasibility, resulting in resource waste.

He commended the Authority’s efforts to ensure the availability of water resources not only in Mandera County, but throughout the country. Dr.

Mahamud Eda, Mandera County Executive for Water, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change officially started the workshop.

He stated that the project was a timely intervention because the county suffers from a perennial water deficit that impedes numerous development projects, and that the program directly supports the County government’s plans to ensure Mandera citizens have access to clean and high-quality water.

He welcomed the inclusion of multiple partners in the project, noting that this will provide absolute buy-in from all parties involved, which is critical for a successful project.

He urged the stakeholders invited to the session to ask as many questions as possible to gain a better understanding of the project and hold the Authority accountable while expressing gratitude to the World Bank for funding the project.

Mr. John Munyao, the Ewaso Nyiro North Basin Area Manager, commented that the stakeholder engagement process is a critical step in the project and that the WRA is eager to ensure the project’s success, hence the emphasis on involving stakeholders.

He praised the stakeholders for accepting the Authority’s invitation and the Mandera County Government for creating a favourable environment for the work to be carried out.

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