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Smart meters

One of the efforts WRA is implementing to mitigate climate change effects, is ensuring that all abstractions from a water body are recorded and permitted. The Authority has tapped into the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop and implement the use of a smart water metering infrastructure network to monitor water abstraction across the country. This has eliminated the use of ordinary meters that were prone to tampering and malfunctioning. This system provides WRA with near real time water resources abstraction data upon which will enable the Authority ensure that water resources are utilized efficiently and that it exercises its core regulatory mandate of regulating the use of water resources in Kenya.

The system comprises of the following components:

i)      Water Meter Data Management System installed at the WRA to receive, process and analyze water abstraction data from smart meters from across the country;

ii)    Smart meters installed by the abstractors at their abstraction points in accordance with Regulation 77 of the Water Resources Regulations 2021;

The benefits to accrue from the project include: –

1.    Enhancement of the accuracy of water abstraction data to enable proper regulation of the use of water resources;

2.    Improved compliance with water abstraction and use permit conditions as the water allocation system is integrated with the water abstraction monitoring system;

This will impact positively on the WRA’s regulatory framework and assure viability of future water resources development projects.

The project is being implemented jointly with Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water – KIFFWA, (a co-developer of water initiatives in Kenya) and Kenya Airports Parking Services (KAPS)/Earthview Management Services Limited as project support partners.

Other Innovations

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