Water Resources Authority


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What we do

Ground Water Assesment & Monitoring

WRA ensures groundwater sustainable use through the implementation of The Water Act 2016, allocation guidelines, regulations WRM Rules 2007/ WRRA 2021 and Codes of practice to promote and undertake sustainable groundwater development. The Water Resources Authority in conjunction with the Ministry, are guided by the functions on the Water Act 2016 section 12.

WRA and Ministry developed four codes of practice for groundwater;

  •  For siting of boreholes,
  •  For construction of boreholes
  •  For the supervision of boreholes, and
  •  For borehole pumping test

Close adherence to these guidelines can help to reduce the high rate of borehole failure and support long term investments in sustainable water supply. It is therefore important to use professionals and trained experts in groundwater development. Associated with groundwater development, the management of aquifers is equally important. Aquifer management and development plans represent best practice to ensure that water is extracted responsibly, groundwater recharge areas are conserved and protected, groundwater contamination is controlled and measures are put in place to ensure safe and sustainable extraction of the groundwater resource.

Section 23 of the Water Act 2016 has provisions to guide the protection and conservation of groundwater resources. Where the Authority deems that an aquifer is under threat it can embark on putting in place management guidelines and measures to protect and conserve it.

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