Water Resources Data

Water Resources Data

Water Resources Authority puts in place national monitoring and information systems on water resources. The systems provide for-

  1. The collection and management of data and information regarding water resources and their management; and
  2. Procedures for gathering data and the analysis and dissemination of information on water resources.

The Water Resources Data component  is responsible for the Water Resources Data management in WRA, specifically:-


  • Data entry
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Archival
  • Data dissemination
  • Data quality control
  • Water Resources Mapping
  • Management of Water Resources Information Management Systems


Functional Areas

Sub-regional Offices

Here data collected from the field is input in the computer and checked for errors and consistency. There is also data analysis done here. The data is then forwarded to the Regional Office.

Regional Offices

At the regional office the data is imported into Water Resources Data Management System. Further quality control is done on the data. A backup of the same is sent to the Head Office.

Head Office

All the data from the regions is consolidated. There is further scrutiny and analysis done on it before dissemination. Data analysis provides information for planning and decision making.


The available data is as follows


  • River water levels
  • River flows
  • Daily Rainfall
  • Ground water levels
  • Water quality


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