Community Development

Gabions Construction

The community development is the component in Water Resources Authority with the sole responsibility of spearheading Water Resources Associations (WRUAs) activities across Kenya.

The activities are among others facilitating formation of WRUAs, Supporting development of SCMPs implementing SCMPs, sourcing for partnerships with WRUAs and monitoring of the various activities.

WRA ensures the WRUA governance structure is strengthened through periodic conducting of WRUA capacity assessment tool

The WRUAs to date are 670 against an optimum of 1237 across the 6 catchment areas. WRA is in the process of harmonizing the WRUA boundaries and shall soon have an updated map of WRUAs across Kenya

The major water resources funding is through Water Sector Trust Fund and also within WRA internal funds of Capital Project

The WRUAs are engaged in various water resources activities across the country under various programs

  • WRA capital project on Sub Catchment Management Plan Implementation
  • Upper Tana Natural Resource Management Project in Upper Tana
  • Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilient Project in Nzoia and Mwache watersheds
  • Green Growth Employment Program in Asal Areas
  • Joint 6 Programs within 6 counties
  • GIZ

And various partners

Amongst activities implemented by the WRUAs are

  • Increase vegetative cover within the catchment area and tree nursery establishment within the catchment area and riparian land approximate
  • Riparian land marking and pegging,
  • Spring Protection
  • Water resources infrastructure : water pans , sand dams , Djabias , RWHT, rock catchments , community flood early warning system
  • Soil and water conservation : gabion constructions. check dams ,terraces all geared towards reduction of sediment control,
  • Livelihood activities